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Recorded events on-line:

Women with Wings an illustrated talk about my twelve year writing journey and the wartime women pilots behind When We Fall . This event was hosted by Hertfordshire Libraries and No Exit Press.
Watch the recording here

Interview with Clare Mulley about SOE agent Christine Glanville for the Historical Writers' Association
Watch here

Northern Crime Writers' Syndicate podcast 
Listen here

Live events 

Victorian Scientists and Scandals
 An illustrated talk about the scandalous Victorians who inspired my novel The Conviction of Cora Burns 7.30pm on Wednesday 19th June 2024 at Farringdon Library, Oxfordshire. Contact the library on 01367 240311 for more details.

Oxford Literary Festival 2024  'Empires and Crimes,'
                                                    discussion with novelist V
aseem Khan and Triona Adams
                                                       about imperial powers and historical crime fiction.

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