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Talks & Appearances

Carolyn is available for talks and  appearances.:


The Conviction of Cora Burns was inspired by real lives and true stories from 19th century Britain. Carolyn's illustrated lecture focuses on three controversial Victorians: Arthur Munby, W.T. Stead and Francis Galton.  In their different ways, these obsessive social reformers went to scandalous lengths to document and change their world. 


When We Fall was inspired by women pilots in the Second World War. Carolyn's illustrated talk explores  the lives of 3 remarkable women pilots: a Polish officer, whose story is central to the tragedy of the Katyn massacre; a British pilot, whose father was a refugee from the Armenian genocide; and the only British woman pilot to fly into occupied Europe, and who later would be the first British woman to break the sound barrier. 


Carolyn enjoys joining bookclubs when they discuss her books, either  in person or by video call . 

Other talks and creative writing workshops are available by arrangement. 

Contact through this website!

Hist fic workshop.jpg

Carolyn leading a historical fiction workshop for Birmingham Literature Festival at the National Trust Back to Backs, Birmingham in October 2019

photograph: Lee Allen

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